Adult Stem Cells – Their Advantages and Importance

In the last ten years or more there has been a great improvement in the research of stem cells. As these researches progress it is more obvious that adult stem cells should be used in the therapy. Besides their benefits there is one more, and that is the ethical concern related to embryonic cells.

The use of these cells will solve many problems with blood, brain and bone marrow, and many other diseases. Because of this there is a great interest in their research. The biggest concern is the treatment of cancer. Today, adult stem cells are used to treat many diseases like: heart diseases, anemia, different types of cancer, diabetes (type 1), liver cirrhosis and many more.

These cells are often created from some other part of our bodies and also, in accordance with exactly where they are from, have different features. They are often seen in many parts of the body for example: the bone marrow, our blood, as well as, the human brain. Numerous studies have shown that these adult cells are incredibly flexible and may grow into a variety of cell types.

According to some other studies these cells can only grow into a small number of cell forms in connection with the tissues they initially originated from. Despite the fact that many information and facts about them have recently been collected, researchers still don’t realize their particular characteristics properly. Researching proceeds with the expectation that in the future we will be able to start using these cells to regenerate or even substitute damaged tissues or internal organs.

Adult stem cells have already healed a huge number of people today. For instance, the bone marrow cells extracted from the hipbone may fix scar tissue formation on the heart after a cardiac arrest. When compared to the embryonic cells researches, these researches are nearly 30 years ahead.